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Menu for the Week

  • All of our veggies are vegan.
  • We cook with real herbs and spices (ginger, garlic, tamrind, cilantro, basil, cumin, curry leaves, tumeric, fenugreek, mint, etc.).
  • We use only pure vegetable oil.
  • We never use MSG, sugar, or sweeteners...nothing artificial.
  • We never use red meat (beef, pork, or lamb).
  • We only use boneless, white meat chicken thighs.
  • All food is prepared fresh by Mrs. Sree.
In addition to the daily menu below, Sree's occassionally offers the following special dishes

Idli and Vadas
Chutneys and Sambar

Tamrind Chicken
Mixed-Veggie Tofu
Chickpea Potato
Tomato Dal
Green Bean with Lentils

Tamrind Chicken
Chicken Koftha Curry
Chickpea Potato
Cauliflower Tomato
Broccoli Potato
Grape Leaves Curry
Bell Pepper Curry

Tamrind Chicken
Mixed-Veggie Tofu
Chickpea Potato
Eggplant Curry
Spinach Dal

Tamarind Chicken
Chicken Hyderabadi
Chickpea Potato
Cauliflower Tomato
Grapeleaves Curry
Spinach Potato

Tamrind Chicken
Fish Curry
Shrimp With Vegetables
Mixed-Veggie Tofu
Chickpea Potato
Tomato Dal
Spinach Black-Eyed Peas

Selections at Squirrel Hill
(Sree's Veggie Cafe)

We serve the same vegetarian dishes each day as at CMU (above).

All main operations are carried out in the new building at 2103 Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

Call us at 412-860-9181

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