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Speediest Indian Lunch
Sree's Foods
Name any fast-food restaurant, and we guarantee that Sree's has quicker service. Approach the counter, name your dish and Vydehi Mekala will instantly fill a Styrofoam box with rice and stew. Sree's is so streamlined and customer-friendly that you can enter the building and leave with a hearty meal in less than two minutes. Better still, the food is delicious and nutritious: Mekala uses only pure vegetable oil, fresh greens and boneless chicken -- no red meat or MSG. Whether you visit the downtown location, the lunch truck on Carnegie Mellon's campus or the corner store in Squirrel Hill, you're bound to find a crowd of regulars. Sreevardhan Mekala, the eatery's namesake, passed away a couple of years ago, but people are still fanatical about "Mrs. Sree's" lunches. -- R.I.

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